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Clinical Reflexology


Clinical Reflexology


Creating a bespoke treatment plan for optimum health

What is clinical reflexology?

Clinical reflexology is a complementary therapy which follows the principle that the body is mapped on the feet, hand and ears. By applying pressure to these specific areas using the thumbs and fingers, a clinical reflexologist can help to identify areas of imbalance and create a bespoke treatment plan, tailored to the individual needs of the client.

How does clinical reflexology work?

Pressure applied in a specific way, can help stimulate the nerves and blood flow to the corresponding area of the body, helping to promote the body’s own healing processes, to bring balance to the affected area of the body.

Who could benefit from reflexology?

Reflexology is suitable for all age groups from young babies & young children to teenagers and the elderly .It is a deeply relaxing therapy for all ,but can be particularly useful in relieving the symptoms of stress. Stress can affect how we feel emotionally, mentally and physically and long term stress can be detrimental to our health and well-being.


Symptoms of Stress

Feeling anxious or fearful
Lacking in self esteem
Racing thoughts
Constant worrying
Muscle tension or pain
Sleep problems
Digestive & appetite problems
Teeth grinding
High blood pressure
Sexual difficulties

What to expect during a clinical reflexology treatment

At your initial consultation Andrea will compete a health & lifestyle questionnaire and discuss your expectations and health goals. Obtaining this information will allow her to create a bespoke treatment plan for you and this will be regularly reviewed and updated. A full investigatory reflexology treatment will be carried out in a warm & relaxing environment after care advice will be given before you leave.

You can expect your first visit to last between 60-90 minutes.

Subsequent visits will planned with you and will vary with each individual. Many of our clients like to book a monthly “maintenance “ treatment but this will be discussed with you during your visit and is purely optional.

Follow up visits will be based upon your treatment plan and also any changes you may have experienced during the week. This will last approx. 60 mins.

Are there any contraindications to reflexology?

Please give Andrea a call if you are experiencing an acute illness such as flu symptoms or gastroenteritis – we would ask that you re-book to prevent spread of infection and to allow your body time to recover.

Andrea is an experienced nurse and therapist ,however reflexology would not be advised in some conditions, if you are unsure please call before booking. Andrea is qualified to treat clients at all stages of pregnancy and also patients with a cancer diagnosis are most welcome to Barefoot Soul clinics.



Professional, Qualified, Experienced…

The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council
association of Reflexologists
Professional Reflexology

“Just had a facial & foot reflexology session. Feel absolutely fabulous. Andrea is very friendly and professional. Will definitely be booking another session….”


“Had facial reflexology treatment today for the first time. Wow what a lovely treatment, so relaxing and my face feels great, would highly recommend one…”


“I really enjoyed my hand reflexology sessions with Andrea as I don’t like my feet being touched ! It really did help reduce my stress and as a result my headaches were much less frequent…”


“Still floating around after my first session, Thanks Andrea – 100% recommend…”


“Feeling wonderfully relaxed after my Reiki session with Andrea ,the experience has left me feeling invigorated and ready to face my week ahead ! Highly recommended…”



Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it…

10% Discount for all NHS employees, Armed Forces, Emergency Services, Senior Citizens and students.
(Not applicable on discounted treatments).

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