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Guided Conscious Connected Breathwork session

What is breathwork ?

Breathwork is a rapidly growing modality in health and wellness and many forms of breathwork techniques exist. Conscious connected breathwork is an active & embodied breathing practice that allows you to enter a different state of awareness by rapidly charging the body with oxygen. This allows you to access those parts of the body & soul where trauma may be stored, releasing tension in a safe and supported way. You remain fully in control of your own process at all times, guided by your skilled and informed facilitator. The breathing is deep and connected ,meaning there is no pause between inhalations & exhalations. This type of breathing stimulates the sympathetic nervous system’s fight/flight/freeze response, which allows us to access the parts where trauma is held, allowing us to release tension.

Who could benefit from breathwork ?

CCB may offer the following health benefits:

  • Relief from stress & anxiety through breath/body awareness
  • Improved sleep & wellbeing
  • Releasing old trauma
  • A sense of personal empowerment
  • Freedom from limiting beliefs

We breathe together for around 40 – 45 mins to music, the rest of the time will be for discussion, feedback and framing the session.

Please read the attached waiver as there are some contra-indications to breathing in this way – this does not mean you can’t take part, however I will show you how to modify your practice.

You will need headphones and a quiet space to lie down, undisturbed for an hour. I would suggest having some water, a blanket and journal & pen close to hand.



My sessions are open to all and I request that all group participants agree to honour confidentiality in this sacred space.

Please note this breathwork practice is not a substitute for medical advice. If you are affected by any of the following, you should consult your GP or healthcare provider before taking part in the session:

  • Epilepsy
  • Heart conditions or arrhythmia
  • High or low blood pressure with a history of fainting
  • Unstable pregnancy
  • Bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia or psychosis
  • Pre – existing lung disease
  • Glaucoma or detached retina
  • Recent surgery

It may still be possible to breathe with us, however, in these cases ,I will recommend a modified breathing practice for you. Please let me know before we begin.

This is a dynamic practice and as such, in reading this waiver, you agree to take personal responsibility for your process. The facilitators cannot be held responsible for any mental, physical or emotional challenges which may arise from this work.
Thank you for taking care of your wellbeing by listening to your body and respecting these guidelines.

Please note that in most cases breathwork is an enjoyable, healing and liberating practice, so don’t let all the necessary health info put you off !

Andi has completed a comprehensive 7 month training with Integrative Breath.

She is a certified and insured facilitator for group sessions, 1:1 sessions, both in person and online.

Andi also offers facilitation for group breathwork sessions at holistic & wellness retreats.


1:1 Barefoot Soul Awakening Session

During this heart-led session, I will hold space for you to bring whatever emotions, feelings, thoughts that arise to the session. I will bring my years of experience as a nurse, therapist, intuitive healer and empowered mother, daughter, wife and sister, and together we will sit in circle.
The session may involve guided meditation, relaxation techniques, feather healing, drum journey and space & time for reflection & integration.

Who may benefit from a 1:1 Healing session ?

If you are feeling unheard, exhausted, stressed or simply lost & would like some guidance to return to your beautiful, powerful self then I invite you to book this session. We may use a fusion of techniques, feeling into what comes up on the day, the invitation is to trust and surrender to your inner voice and it will be perfect for you in that moment.

Please note this is not a counselling session.


Professional, Qualified, Experienced…

The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council
association of Reflexologists
Professional Reflexology

“Just had a facial & foot reflexology session. Feel absolutely fabulous. Andrea is very friendly and professional. Will definitely be booking another session….”


“Had facial reflexology treatment today for the first time. Wow what a lovely treatment, so relaxing and my face feels great, would highly recommend one…”


“I really enjoyed my hand reflexology sessions with Andrea as I don’t like my feet being touched ! It really did help reduce my stress and as a result my headaches were much less frequent…”


“Still floating around after my first session, Thanks Andrea – 100% recommend…”


“Feeling wonderfully relaxed after my Reiki session with Andrea ,the experience has left me feeling invigorated and ready to face my week ahead ! Highly recommended…”



Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it…

10% Discount for all NHS employees, Armed Forces, Emergency Services, Senior Citizens and students.
(Not applicable on discounted treatments).

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