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Are you feeling overwhelmed with life at the moment? 


I’m talking about YOUR life. Your everyday life.

Maybe you’re living with chronic pain, either physical or emotional and you’re keeping it all to yourself. You keep telling yourself that there’s people far worse off than you, or maybe you’re even feeling guilty, as on the surface you have the perfect lifestyle.

You could be a new mama, juggling parenting with career plan or living through the loss of a loved one.

Deep inside you feel a sadness, an emptiness or maybe you just feel like you don’t belong. 

Life shouldn’t be like this.

Maybe you’ve been told by medical professionals that there’s nothing more that they can do for you in terms of medication or therapies?

You’re feeling this heavy weight & don’t want to be a burden on anyone.

You’re exhausted from keeping up appearances, when often you really don’t feel ok. You keep over giving to others when you have very little energy for yourself and your own needs.

Perhaps you don’t even know what the disconnect is right now, you just feel like you’re carrying heavy baggage on a daily basis. You feel tired and want to feel like YOU again.

I hear you.

And most of all, I understand you.

My belief is…

My belief is that there is always something that we can do to move forward in life. My purpose and passion are to work with people who want to untangle the position they are in, people who are ready to put down the heavy baggage and navigate the stresses and traumas that are creating unease and difficulty in their lives. But, enough about my passion, what you need to know is that life doesn’t have to be this way, you don’t need to hold such heaviness, there are always options available to you. 

I work with my clients in a truly holistic approach

Taking all the tools from my toolkit to bring together a bespoke prescription which provides the individual with solutions to their problems. 

Incorporating coaching, breath work, reiki healing, intuitive & spiritual guidance, holistic therapies, EFT (Tapping), and shamanic healing, we work together to get you unstuck and shifted towards a more balanced and fulfilled life.

I invite clients to work with me

Either as a singular session or to book a course of 4 or 8 sessions. During the single session we explore where you are right now, and I will create a therapeutic space, offer tools and techniques that you can take away and implement in your world.

Consider this a little bit of an emotional “wound check” where I will check the wound and we can work out the best “dressings” required to start the healing process. 

Alternatively, if you decide on a package of 4 or 8 sessions, we will really dig deeper into the “wound” and promote healing from the inside out. We create a whole range of “treatments” for you to try at home, enabling the healing process to continue after our work. In essence we deliver a robust catalogue of support to enable you to navigate the future with grace & ease. We don’t just stick a plaster on and hope for the best!

This is all about YOU. 

The solution that’s right for you is simply a conversation away. 

Book a curiosity call where we can discover the perfect solution for you and explore how we can work together to impact each & every area of your life. Raising your vibration, you can let go of that which is holding you back and move into a future full of potential and possibility. 


Work With Andi

Work intuitively with Andi

Combining breathwork, shamanic healing and EFT, work therapeutically with Andi to release, renew and recalibrate.


Reiki & Reflexology

Reach for optimum physical and emotional health with a one-off or course of Reflexology & Reiki treatments.


Teaching & Retreats

Andi is available to lead retreats, run group workshops and facilitate Reiki teaching. Please contact Andi for more information.


Wellbeing Products

Neal’s Yard Remedies

Harnessing the natural powers of Essential Oils helps to promote healing and wellbeing. I am a Neal’s Yard consultant. Please use the button below to go to my shop.


Upcoming Events

Unleash the power of breath

24th August, 7pm – 9pm.


Conscious Connected Breathwork offers the opportunity for increased self-awareness, deep healing, and the transformation of our stories into our medicine, our gifts in life.

The breathing is deep and connected, meaning there is no pause between inhalations & exhalations. This type of breathing stimulates the sympathetic nervous system’s fight/flight/freeze response, which allows us to access the parts where trauma is held, allowing us to release tension.

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The Breathwork Retreat

20th August, 9:30am – 5pm.


This deeply healing retreat day will offer an opportunity to connect with nature, release any tension or trauma that you may have been holding, and re-set your dreams & intentions for the coming months. We will hold a sacred fire ceremony after the breathwork session, followed by some journalling & reflection & a delicious healthy lunch.

After lunch we will delve into a kundalini yoga session with Grace, and then be guided into a beautiful gong bath to conclude the day.

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Level 1 Usui Reiki Training

2 days, starting: 22nd October, 9:30am – 4:30pm.


You are warmly invited to start your Reiki journey with me, starting at Level 1 which is all about self healing in the first instance.
The course will be held over 2 days to encourage students to deepen their understanding of the origins of Reiki & practice.

The course includes: 2 days teaching & supervised practice, Training Manual, First Degree Reiki Certificate, Post course Reiki Share/Supervision.  Lunch & refreshments are provided


“Just had a facial & foot reflexology session. Feel absolutely fabulous. Andrea is very friendly and professional. Will definitely be booking another session….”


“Had facial reflexology treatment today for the first time. Wow what a lovely treatment, so relaxing and my face feels great, would highly recommend one…”


“I really enjoyed my hand reflexology sessions with Andrea as I don’t like my feet being touched ! It really did help reduce my stress and as a result my headaches were much less frequent…”


“Still floating around after my first session, Thanks Andrea – 100% recommend…”


“Feeling wonderfully relaxed after my Reiki session with Andrea ,the experience has left me feeling invigorated and ready to face my week ahead ! Highly recommended…”


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Re-connect with your body and soul.